There’s no better way for your dog to spend the day than with plenty of exercise and fun. Pick them up dog-tired at the end of the day!

Once your first day evaluation is complete and your dog becomes a member of our hotel, you can drop them off any day without a reservation. Please bring your dog on a leash with a collar and name tag. Let us know if you want your dog in small group play.  An older dog? Small dog? Anxious dog? No problem! We have rooms for all your special requests. If medication is required during the day, we will be happy to give it at no extra charge. Just give us your instructions and we’ll do the rest.

Please call if you’ll be picking up late. Our doors lock at 7 pm, but we understand that life happens and sometimes you can’t be there on time

Daycare Pricing & Packages


The Importance of Socialization

Proper socialization with other dogs and other humans is critical to having a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted pet. With many people spending more time away from home, your furry family member may now be home alone for long periods of the day for the first time in a while. The stress of solitude can cause anti-social habits such as destructive chewing, persistent digging, excessive barking, or other signs of separation anxiety. Pets may also show signs of stress such as drooling, attempts to escape, and pacing.

If your pet is suffering from separation anxiety or simply the boredom of home isolation after many months of company, bring them to daycare with us! Daycare provides your loved one with the pack environment dogs are accustomed to, creating a trusted second home for your pet while you are away. Bringing your pup to daycare with us provides all the physical, mental, and social exercise your dog needs. Give us a call to learn more about the socialization benefits of daycare.